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Third largest metropolitan area in Brazil
Million citizens
Universities (state and private)
Information technology companies

State highlights

Federal University of Minas Gerais

Nationally recognized as one of the country’s best universities, it consistently figures among
Brazil’s top 3 innovative institutions and holds the national leadership in number of patents granted per resident.

Google R&D Center

The first and only in Latin America, attracting many other IT companies and investments.

CSEM Brasil

Swiss applied science center, focused on ceramic microsystems and organic electronics.

Santa Rita do Sapucaí Valley

Located on the southern part of the state, it features 150+ electric-electronic companies and is home to one of the best regarded engineering institutions for research and learning: INATEL.

Various other R&D centers

Advanced studies in fuels, powertrain, nuclear technology, innovation and industrial processes.

A thriving startup community

With many accelerators, including San Pedro Valley, SeeD, P7 Criativo.

State economy

of Brazil's GDP
lower cost of living compared to São Paulo and Rio
of the country's industrial jobs
of the national extraction of metallic minerals
With all that, Minas Gerais is the perfect environment for The Global Logistics Innovation Center.
HyperloopTT’s ultimate goal is to foster economic growth and put the state under the spotlight
as a global benchmark in sustainable transportation technology and infrastructure.