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Official Statements

"Jobs, income and quality of life for the population now depend on technological innovations that positively drive the economy. Thus, it makes sense for the Minas Gerais government to attract and support the installation of the Global Logistics Innovation Center in Contagem. The Center will strengthen the innovation ecosystem of Minas Gerais and Brazil, with opportunities for young talents from Minas Gerais and with positive effects for our universities and new technology businesses."

Evaldo Vilela | President of the Research Support Foundation of Minas Gerais - FAPEMIG

"The project meets the economic development goals outlined by the City Hall, with two main guidelines: the internationalization of Contagem and the introduction of Industry 4.0 in the municipality. It is a cutting-edge initiative that puts Contagem in the spotlight. Economic ties to new business opportunities with other cities have been created and will be an important step towards the continuity of new investment attraction plans. We are absolutely convinced that Hyperloop in Contagem will mark the beginning of a new era in the cradle of the State's industry."

Alex de Freitas | Mayor of the Municipality of Contagem

"The Government of Minas Gerais works to foster the environment of entrepreneurship and innovation in the State, encouraging young people to get involved with research and technology. Knowing that Minas Gerais will host a Hyperloop research center means that we are actually contributing to the economic growth of our State through new paths such as science, technology and innovation. The choice strengthens and lends credibility to the actions being developed by the government."

Miguel Correa | Economic, science, technology and higher education development secretary